Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three posts in one day. This one is meant to upstage the gender post. Either my family likes me, or I did a really good job of complaining about how crummy my Nikon camera was. A bunch of them got together and bought me a birthday present. It's a camera, (in case you couldn't tell from the picture.) No, I didn't take a picture of the new camera with the new camera, silly...the battery is still charging.

I just wanted to say thanks. So, Thanks. (I'll thank you personally once I find out who all chipped in, right now I'm not sure.)

Not to upstage the baby gender announcement, but here is the red snot frame.

It seems as though we will be having a child of the female type. Oh, and if you didn't know, I'm pregnant. Any votes for the name Camilla? Can anyone come up with some really mean ways to make fun of that name?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here is a dragon. I made a red moldy mucus frame for it that I'll show to you later.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Conference Yield.

During Saturdays sessions I started this little doll for my daughters birthday. I did most of it by hand because I couldn't listen to conference and use the noisy sewing machine at the same time. When ever I put the doll down to rethread my needle my daughter would snatch it up and say "E-ya-ya, guy? Nooo, mama guy." (E-ya-ya is how she says her own name.) And then I would have to force her to give it back to me. She wants the doll now, we will see if she will want it once she can really have it on her birthday. It is meant to be played with in the castle I made for my son a while back. I think I'll make another doll and a bed and chair to fit in it.

For Sundays session I couldn't finish the doll because somewhere in my upbringing I learned that sewing on Sundays is strictly forbidden, and if you do, you will have to pick out the stitches with your nose. I don't know if I truly believe this, it might be one of those things I would group with the idea that womens ankles should never be seen. In some cases I'm sure the rule still sticks, but for the kind of mild sewing I do, I'm not so sure. Still I won't dare pick up a needle on a Sunday because I'd be wracked with guilt. So instead I doodled and sketched, I just have to have something to do with my hands or my listening ability is greatly diminished.

All in all the message that stuck with me the most from the whole thing was that I should be a better mother to my children. They will be with me for such a short period of time in their lives and I am creating the foundation that they will live by, so I should set them, and my duties as wife, above all else.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After some relentless begging here is a dragon for my sons room.

My husband has told him a bed time story that ends with a golden dragon that lives on a mountain top. So he got a golden dragon, and it's even on a mountain top.

I should have taken a "before" picture of the frame, it had a few problems...the corners didn't meet up right, and it had some tacky felt on it too, but most of all it was gold. I am anti gold when it comes to picture frames. The frame came from Kim, and when my son saw it he immediately began asking to put it up in his room. I kept telling him "Maybe some day..." in an effort to let him forget about it. Then I found out that he wanted a picture of a dragon for his room and he wanted dragon slime on it. This I could handle. He was very persistent in getting me to work on it, and kept asking me, "How many more minutes?"