Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When I sat the baby down on the box my son exclaimed "It's her first time on cardboard!" And so I had to take a picture, when she is 16 and her first date comes by to take her out, we won't let them leave until we've shown him all her pictures. "Here she is climbing Mt. Everest, here she is winning first prize in the science fair, here she is with her team at the World Hockey Championships, here she is with her blue ribbon pig at the state fair....oh and here is our favorite, her first time ever on cardboard!"


It was our goal to completely waterproof this box with crayon drawings, but we ran out of steam, and I am tired of it taking up the entire living room, so I think we'll call it quits. We have had fun while it lasted. It all started out innocently with a few items you might find in a spaceship being drawn, such as computer screens, steering wheels, and buttons for Chinese food. We ended up with everything but the kitchen sink, but if you need the kitchen sink while you're in space we did draw a few crayons that you can use to draw yourself one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you can't beat em', join em', or just take a picture.

This is a child who hasn't slept all day, it's nearly 5pm and she hasn't napped. We are both much more frazzled than she lets on in the picture. I figured I could take a picture of her screaming her head off and everyone could feel sorry for me and send their condolences my way, but as soon as I got the camera out she got happy. I kept pushing her away from me in the walker, but as soon as I did she would run towards me, laughing, with her eye on the camera supposing that I was going to let her have it to slobberify or something.

I guess you can't feel sorry for me because she is really cute, and that is all that matters, right?

Anyway, my last post was a bit premature, I still have a stack of thank you's that hasn't been handed out or mailed. It took me longer than I thought to simply put the sleeves on them. So save your eggs a little longer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

When does the statute of limitations run out on sending thank you cards after your third child? I think it should be their 3rd birthday at least. It's almost been 6 months since this third-ie of mine was born and I'm just now getting thank you cards out. The picture above is about what they look like, and then stuck in a little black sleeve, rather than an envelope, because most of them I'm not sending in the mail.

It's probably rude to post this because I will inevitably forget someone, and some kind act that they did for me, and then they will feel sad that I didn't give them a card too. If you are that person, feel free to cry, and then throw eggs at my house. Or you can fill out an "Application to Warrant a Physical Thank You" and turn it in at least one week before the child's third birthday.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

We made bookmarks for my Dad for his birthday. His birthday was a while ago, but and we still haven't mailed them yet, I think I'm late enough that we need to make some valentines to stick in the envelope too. If we wait a few more weeks we could totally save on postage and put some St. Patrick's day doodles in there.

I love posting things that I draw with my childrens stuff because it makes me look really good. Actually I really like the one my son drew, the second one from the bottom, it is a picture of my dad in his garden. He's is very happy. And the plant all the way to the left is "very straight spinach." The flowery girly one is for grandma, so grandpa doesn't have to share. On the back of mine I wrote "You Are Here." Boy am I clever.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Yes, you may pet it, it won't bite. In fact, it's quite dead.

"What could be cuter?" I ask. "What is it?" You want to know.

It's a little pile of adorable baby collars... ahhh how cute... er, maybe.

I've always found collars on baby clothes to be annoying embellishments. They look fine on the hangars, but in practicality they just get in the way. This newest child of mine is excessively drooly, which drips down her lovely double chin and soaks into her clothes, which rubs against her skin and contributes to her eczema issues. Collars just make things impossible, so they have been removed. I simply took out the seams, and sewed the pjamas back up with a hidden stitch.

Anyone in need of a spare collar size 3 months-6 months?