Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I have acctually finished a project! Or at least I am calling it finished. If I gave into my perfectionist tendencies I would start all over and redo the whole thing from the beginning, or put it away in a box and figure I'll fix it later. Fortunately I am not giving in (this is why I am not really a perfectionist, I rarely give in.) I am calling this project done. And I am even finished way before my deadline.

For the past week my kitchen table has looked like this:

My kitchen table still looks like that. Some day when I can afford it I am going to stop renting out my basement and use that for these kinds of messes so that I don't have to share project space with peanut butter, enchiladas and cookie crumbs. (Don't ask me for the recipe, it's an old family secret.)

This is what came out of the mess:

It was not my intention that this dragon costume look so mean and evil. Hopefully my son doesn't have nightmares about himself dressed as a dragon coming to eat himself. There is a really adorable dragon costume being sold for mega bucks by Pottery Barn. Lets just say that if I was aiming to copy that costume, I really missed my mark. Oh well, its done, and my son really likes it, he asks if he can wear it all the time. I think I'm going to have to make him one to wear just for fun since this one isn't easily washable.

Here is one kid slaying the other kid with his dagger (note: it is not a sword, the kid with the sharp implement has been correcting me all day when ever I mistakenly call it a sword, it is most definitely a dagger.)

And here is the kid who is the littlest dragon slayer. She knows of a little striped dragon that lives in a lair under her castle. Come Halloween that little dragon better watch out!

It seems as though there are dragons popping up all over the place around here. Those dragon slayers had better sharpen their daggers and keep on the lookout.