Monday, August 21, 2006

My Theme

I've decide to give my blog a theme. And it's NOT going to be about Kim. I just said that in the first post to trick everyone into coming to my blog again. Of course it won't be Kim-free by any means. Even though Kim is my arch enemy when it comes to the attention game, I still love her, thus it's impossible to have a blog without giving her a little bit of attention. Lets just say, if my blog were a parade, Kim gets to ride on a float and smile and wave and throw candy. Danna, she gets to ride the elephant.

So getting closer to getting to the point. My blog is also not going to be about my children. I really like my kids, and they do funny things, and terrible things, like holding their baby sisters upside down by the legs when they think I'm not watching (I'm not sure if that was a funny thing or a terrible thing, but somone spent a lot of time in their room for doing it.) If I was on my first kid, this blog would be devoted entirely to that subject, but now that I'm on number two I don't want to spend my free time thinking about them, if they do anything noteworthy you'll hear about it, but that's all they get, like Kim, a float in the parade.

Now I'll try to get to the point and tell you what my parade...I mean, my blog is acctually about instead of what it isn't about. You probably already guessed it since I mentioned there was going to be an elephant in it. This blog will be about all my projects, the ones I only dream up and the ones I acctually start, but don't finish. This will give me an extra outlet to divert the effort I could be using to work on one of these, so called, projects. Usually I blame my kids, now I can say "My blog made me do it." Yup, my blog is going to get boring real fast. But this is a good thing. If I make a blog that nobody really wants to go to then I don't have to post anything very often.

The project I am mostly working on right now is a white baby quilt with little pink flowers in the corners. (I say "mostly" because I always have lots of projects that are being worked on at one time. The majority of them happen to be stuck in corners of the spare room or packed away in boxes out of sight. This quilt is acctually sitting around on the coffee table in the living room where I see it everyday and think "I sure wish I could get that finished.") I tried to finish this quilt before the Cache County Fair so that I could enter it and win first prize, I tried really hard to complete it by the deadline, but I couldn't and now I have stopped working on it because I don't have a deadline. I am a deadline oriented person. Unfortunately at this time in my life I have to choose my own deadlines and that means they are all deadlines that dangles from a stick, duct taped to a hat that I am wearing so that when I move forward to reach the deadline it moves with me and I can just go on chasing the deadline and never finish my project.

This quilt is a whole cloth quilt all white, except for the little appliqued three dimensional pink flowers and leaves in each of the corners. I have quilted it very tightly with lots of roses and arcs and borders. While sitting around quilting I have sometimes fancied myself as my pioneer ancestors. But then I take a look around and realize that I'm not making this quilt for survival. It's a silly frivolous showy quilt that no one that was enduring the hardships of the pioneers would take the time to make. It is only something that a rich aristocratic lady would do while sitting on a plump apholstered setee waiting for her servants to prepare tea. It's much more relaxing to quilt with the thought, that my servants are hard at work, than thinking about which hen I'm going to butcher for supper and wondering if Dan is going to be able to get a roof on our cabin before winter. It's even more relaxing to quilt while knowing that I acctually live in modern times, and when I need to, I can walk down my hallway to use my nice flushing toilet. Quilting is great.

Friday, August 18, 2006

There is a growing trend out there in the blogging world that I have become increasingly more interested in. I have decided to, finally, take the leap and join in. This trend is known as, Blogging for Kim. It's where everyone who knows Kim, charitably, writes about the things they do with Kim. That way Kim can just link to other peoples blogs on her blogsite and not have to waste time doing it for herself. Of course, if Kim chooses to do something, by herself, or without a fellow blogger, she will have to blog about it for herself. I think I might be able to use this to my advantage in order to get Kim to spend more time with me. For example, if I ask her to go on a walk with me and she says she doesn't want to, I can use my blog as leverage by saying "If you go on a walk with me, I'll blog about it for you." Or, I can get her to do my dishes by saying "If you do my dishes I'll make up a really cool blog about you saving an entire family of, endangered, orphan, blue-tailed-quolls from a volcano." My kitchen will be clean, kim will become a hero, and google will have an overwhelming increase in the number of searches for blue-tailed-quolls.

Okay, so the real reason I started a blog was because I was feeling left out. I have been reading everyones blogs more often than they post. But no one knows I'm there. Once I posted an annonymous comment on Kims blog, back then I was scared to show myself, but now I'm ready to bask in the light of your full fledged attention. I'm ready to fly on the wings of uninteresting events described in detail and posted on the internet. And while I soar through the blue skys of the world wide web, you can all point at me saying "It's a bird, it's a plane...IT'S PAM!...oh and look, here is a blog about Kim."

So, Kim and I made relish the other day. Or I should say days. It took us a couple of days to do it. We didn't follow the recipies as exactly as we should have so we probably bottled 13 pint jars of botulism. You will all be getting one for Christmas.