Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An up and coming project. A pair of angry ducks, with arms, made out of tin foil. Don't worry, these creatures should look a lot better when they are done.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nacho Cheese in a #10 can. This is a blog for Kim. I could probably hack into her blog and post it there, but she only gave me permission to do that once, and I won't betray that trust.

Last night Kim brought up the topic of really big cans of Nacho Cheese sauce. You know the kind that's only one molecule away from being plastic. She said our brother was willing to go in on a can, but they needed one more participant to be willing to eat the stuff so that it got eaten before it turned into toxic waste. I enthusiastically agreed. Sometimes, I buy the little cans, but that's not a cost effective way to chisel years off a healthy life span.

When Kim brought up this blessed topic, my husband asked something along the lines of "You mean the stuff that has a freezing point, and hardens at about 80 degrees?" And I answered "Yup, and it turns to a gas at approximately 98.6 degrees..."

Now you might think this topic has no place on my blog, it doesn't follow my theme, but you are wrong. It just so happens that Kim had come over to help me with one of my projects. It's a secret one so I can't tell you what it is, until it is done. Lets just say that it's punctuation and sentence structure will be much more correct than my blog.