Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little girl, the kind that is my neice, came to me this morning, wearing a very plain white shirt with yellow sleeves. She asked if I would draw a dragon on it with a pencil so her mom could trace it with a permanent marker. Hmmm, I was in the middle of contemplating the idea of straightening the bedskirts of my children's beds, which was work that required movement, and with my house already being about 85 degrees this was something I was easily persuaded away from. And of course it wasn't just going to be a sharpee drawing. I had some used old second hand fabric pens lying around that I personally had never used before and was happy to find that at least a few of them worked. So this little girl niece of mine got a shirt with a dragon, or more accurately a Buttdraggin' (cross between a butterfly and a dragon.)

Are you wondering what that large mass is at the bottom of the picture? It's my belly, I thought it was quite funny how obtrusively it made it's way into shot, so I left it for all to gawk at. Gawk away, and then gawk some more when you realize it's not even half of it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

For lack of anything else interesting... here is a dragon I drew during church in an attempt to keep from nagging my child constantly while he squirmed on the ground and crashed his toys together. The medium is Crayola on back of FamilySearch Comparison Chart.