Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This quilt is done, and ready for spit up.

In hind sight, there are few things I'd have done different with this quilt. I probably wouldn't have used the printable fabric, because it's so stiff. And I would have used a better piece of fabric for the quilt top. If you can't tell, it is pink, but it is way too light and washed out, so it looks like an ugly white plus it wasn't the best quality of fabric, I realized this after I had already started and that was too late. It would have killed my momentum to stop and get a different cut of fabric.

Ever see a cute picture of adorable kids feet on a beautiful quilt...

This is my version.

I quilted the whole thing with an organic asymmetrical design and all the corners are different, this is one of them.

After I had quilted the whole thing, I decided that it needed something more, so I added all the pink and brown dots. My son asked what they were and I told him they were eggs, for strawberry eating dragons. He then pointed out that it looked like the dragon had a strawberry body. "Well," I said, "you are what you eat."

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great Binding Tip

I saw this tip the other day on some random blog, just in time for me to use it as I am binding Julianna's quilt. I can't find the blog again, so I can't give credit to the great tipster, just let it be known that I am not so great as to come up with this idea on my own.

When you are binding a quilt by hand, instead of using pins to hold the binding in place, use your daughters cute little hair clips. This prevents the thread from catching on the head of the pin, and un-threading your needle or making knots and tangles.

Don't worry about your little girls hair being out of place while you are doing this, we all know that little girls won't leave those hair clips in for more than a few minutes anyway, might as well put them to good use.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This Picture is Not Going to Hang on My Wall.

I've been wanting to get out the paints for a few weeks now, and finally today I did. I think I'll pack them up again for a few more months. Or maybe I'll force myself to paint everyday and learn something.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My son has been coloring on this box for the past few days, and every once in a while the rest of us join in. He left it out in the sun and a bunch of the crayons melted on the bottom, he was afraid that he would get in trouble so he snook one of my dishtowels outside to try to clean it up himself, but it didn't work, so he came in screaming his head off all panicked about this tragedy. I of course couldn't care less about the crayons, but I was a bit sad about the towel. The little girls love being trapped inside it so they can't get into trouble and they can't escape the camera, my son on the other hand didn't want his picture taken.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This post is for all of you out there who enjoy children's art: their uninhibited freedom of expression, pure design, their simple unadulterated technique, and reckless abandon of the house rules.

As I told you in the last post, we refer to this artistic child as "The Funny Funny." And funny she is. She doesn't wait to be entertained, she makes up her own fun, and loves to make her older brother laugh.

Well this is a direct quote from her older brother upon seeing what she had done to the wall...

I had just gone through the house and cleaned up all the stray pens, to prevent exactly just this from happening. I missed one. I am tempted to have my children grow up in a house with absolutely no writing utensils. That will show them!

Friday, August 03, 2007

In cleaning out my closet, with the intent of getting rid of the clothes I don't wear, I came across four pink shirts. I decided I am done wearing pink shirts for now. Maybe I'll keep the one that Lesli gave me in case of any pink shirt emergencies, but the rest are done for. Please take note that I am not swearing off pink forever, I am not denouncing it, nor am I saying that I don't like pink.

Well, instead of giving these pink shirts to the DI, I decided I could quickly remake them into clothing for my little girl. Snip, snip, snip, a few seams, a little elastic, and now The Funny Funny (as we like to call her) has a new outfit.