Sunday, September 23, 2007

I officially now have my very own ruffle.

I was working on painting some frames for my kitchen, to go along with the alphabet picture, and I needed another frame, but I couldn't go and get one because I didn't have a car to leave the house with. So, alas, I started another project. I thought it would take me an hour or two, and I could have the sewing machine put away before my husband got home, instead it took me all day and part of the next morning. I did a lot of picking out stitches, cutting more fabric than I really needed, and I pinned and re-pinned the darn thing numerous times, trying to get it's ruffle spread out equally.

At one point my son wanted to help by taking out the pins after I sewed over them, (normally I would take them out right before sewing over them, but I was sewing slowly, so we were not in much danger of gouging our eyes out with broken needles.) I sewed along, and he removed the pins. After sewing about 3 feet I realized that I had run out of bobbin thread, which meant that the whole time I hadn't actually been sewing at all. And since my son had steadfastly helped me by taking out each and every pin, I had to re-pin it and sew it again. What is the longest stitch that you thought you stitched, but really hadn't? (This is one of those blog competitions, post a comment including your answer and who ever stitched the longest non-stitch will win a prize!)

Now that the ruffle is finished I don't know that I like it all that much. It looks too countryish, like I should have some cow and daisy themed porcelain plates hanging on the wall next to them. I don't know what I expected, it is a ruffle after all.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Someone was turning one and I wanted to give her a present for her birthday. I accompanied my mother and sister to Toys R Us where the shelves were stocked full of goods any child would be happy to have. But no, none of these items were to be my present for my cousins little girl. She would not be getting what she wanted from me. Instead I gave her some odd little felt barrettes that were made by my very own person, and in the good old U.S.A. She will have to grow a bit more hair in order to wear them.

I borrowed my brother's girlfriend's head to model, since her hair had the capacity to hold in a barrette, and she was the least likely person in the room to protest and run away. Thanks Kim for taking the pictures.

I had more felt left over, so I made some for my little girl, she won't leave them in her hair, instead she likes to take them out and suck on them. Ick, slimy felt. So I wear them instead.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am actually working on my new years resolution to put stuff on my walls. I have just finished something. It's not on the wall though, that will probably take me another month or two.

I often look back at my kindergarten days in Mrs. Davis's class and I remember fondly the alphabet on the wall in front of the room over the chalkboard. I could always look up there in case I forgot how to make a particular letter. Since my children will be home schooled I want to have the alphabet readily accessible for them to look at. But the large laminated brightly colored alphabet from my childhood isn't something I want hanging in a prominent place in my home. So I have made my own. In my last home I painted a border around my sons room with the whole alphabet, and of course dragons. It took me forever to paint and just as I finished it we sold the house and moved, and I had to leave it behind. When we move next I will be able to take this one with me.

"Yuck, what is that?" a young boy visiting my house asked me. He was referring to the gunk on the frame. I told him it is dehydrated slime. I love my ugly frames, I haven't found anyone else who agrees with me, especially not my husband. He doesn't understand why I would "ruin" a perfectly good frame.

Below are some blurry close ups. My camera stinks, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

The greatest news in all of this is that I can now clean off my kitchen table, and my husband can love me again, at least until I mess it up again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where has needle felting been hiding all these years? I never knew it existed before, but it's out there and it's actually super trendy right now. Since I am totally a cool person and always follow the trends I figured I had no choice but to try my hand at it.

I went to Joanne's fabric and craft store, so that I might find felting needles. They don't sell just felting needles by themselves, but luckily I found a kit by Feltworks in the clearance section, that was made up of a purse (already made), roving (unspun wool), and two felting needles. It also had a pattern and some beads and instructions on how to follow the pattern. Since I do not follow instructions well, I gave the beads to a friend, and tossed the instructions and pattern away after a brief glance. In the instructions it warned me not to stick myself with the needles, I of course did the opposite; I haven't had my tetanus shot since 96, I hope I don't die.

Here is the end product, sorry for the fuzzy pictures.

Side one: Dragon with one leg, one wing, and no arms.

Side 2: Dragonflies, not anatomically correct.

I have also been having fun with hair clips and felt. When I get the pictures from my sister I'll share, these are also trendy, which once again makes me totally cool for making them.