Thursday, August 09, 2007

My son has been coloring on this box for the past few days, and every once in a while the rest of us join in. He left it out in the sun and a bunch of the crayons melted on the bottom, he was afraid that he would get in trouble so he snook one of my dishtowels outside to try to clean it up himself, but it didn't work, so he came in screaming his head off all panicked about this tragedy. I of course couldn't care less about the crayons, but I was a bit sad about the towel. The little girls love being trapped inside it so they can't get into trouble and they can't escape the camera, my son on the other hand didn't want his picture taken.


bug girl said...

Yeah for boxes and crayons. I hope your little boy can recover.

The Bec-ster said...

I like the tree. It is too hot for crayons but at least it wasn't all over your walls.
Maybe you could scrap them up and remelt them and make crayons in chocolate molds...a little girl at a homeschool fair was selling these last spring. Her mom was trying to just give them away because she was so sick of crayons at her home.