Friday, February 13, 2009

When does the statute of limitations run out on sending thank you cards after your third child? I think it should be their 3rd birthday at least. It's almost been 6 months since this third-ie of mine was born and I'm just now getting thank you cards out. The picture above is about what they look like, and then stuck in a little black sleeve, rather than an envelope, because most of them I'm not sending in the mail.

It's probably rude to post this because I will inevitably forget someone, and some kind act that they did for me, and then they will feel sad that I didn't give them a card too. If you are that person, feel free to cry, and then throw eggs at my house. Or you can fill out an "Application to Warrant a Physical Thank You" and turn it in at least one week before the child's third birthday.


bug girl said...

Likewise, when does the statue of limitations run out for giving you a gift for the 3rd child? at her 3rd birthday? I am still in the process of making it.

That is a cute card, bytheway.

The Bec-ster said...

Awesome, I have eggs but I won't cry if I don't get one. I think your ward will love them! All those nice ladies that brought meals to you and ask about you each week, they are so sweet.

Maryanne said...

I think the 3rd birthday is an early cutoff. In fact, I don't think there should ever be a statute of limitations. That way if you forget or get busy, you just send it whenever, and then the person receiving it will be so touched that their act meant so much to you that you remembered it 10 years later and sent a card.

But if you're the person waiting to receive the card, then you can't ever be bitter that you didn't get a card because maybe the person is putting it in the mail that very week, 57 years later.
And who is this person who is holding a grudge for not getting a thank you card for 57 years? I don't think you should be friends with them. They obviously have issues, even if they did give your baby a present.

Dananna said...

Just don't forget that I get a card, man, I'll give you more gifts if you make more cards too, but boy I spoiled you with all the gifts I gave you and I really really want one of those dragon cards. I will save it forever and probably put it on my wall, or my desk.

SillySlang said...

Is there a statute of limitations on how soon you can give them thank you cards? Like writing them in advance, (you know before the baby is born you have more time), then just have them handy and when someone hands you a gift, you hand them a thank you card right then. Or, the kids told me that my neighbors have something for our new baby, but they want me to go get it, but I don't want to go stand on their porch and say, "Where's my gift?" So. maybe we'll bake them some banana bread and take it over as a thank you.
oh...I'm quickly forgetting who I need to thank.