Saturday, March 08, 2008

If you want to see me swoon... me read books such as this and this... Well I shouldn't say read, I just like to look at the pretty pictures. And eventually I start doodling and drawing. This is what came of my foray into the ornament books this time...

I might have had some purpose in mind when I started, but it eludes me now. I guess that just makes it a blog ornament.


Le Bolide said...

That looks like it should be the headpiece of a staff that gets inserted into a secret slot at just the right time of day to reveal a hidden doorway behind which is hidden a huge room full of ornaments and tamales, so you can eat the tamales while looking at the ornaments.

The tamales would be fresh, of course.

The Bec-ster said...

He wrote that comment while eating a fresh tamale. I think his brain is in his belly.
Nice ornament. Little minitures would look nice at the end of a long spiral staircase.