Friday, February 22, 2008


Remember the reading dragons with the alphabet, well here is it's companion picture. Numbers. Now my kids will be sure to be able to count to the number 16 as well as say their ABC's.

It has yet to be determined whether the man is taking, or giving the money to the short guys. What do you think? And as far as the short guys go, would they be considered dwarfs, elves, or children with big noses?

Oops, I'm not done! I didn't paint the feather in the guys hand.

Does the guy at the end remind you of my father at a ward Christmas party? Maybe, for a brief second.

Giving credit where credit is due: When I was trying to draw those short guys I had a difficult time. I couldn't get their stances and proportions right. So I turned to my Very First Dictionary a Magic Word of Words published by Macmillan publishing in 1983. These are the pictures I used a references, in fact they were partially traced, but altered much. Can you tell which one goes to which little guy?

Am I an evil plaigarizing fool, or can I get away with this because the picture is for my own personal use?


le said...

Oh I am totally excited!! I was waiting in anticipation for you to paint this one. I can't wait to see it in person. I hope it doesn't make you evil because then I'm in trouble too.

bug girl said...

So what if it makes you evil, talent is talent. I think you altered them enough that it is emulation not plagiarism. Very nice. I am glad your kids will be able to count to 16, that is when they can finally eat at the dinner table without a shirt.

bug girl said...

I meant the age of 16, not when they are able to count to 16.

The Bec-ster said...

I love it! I think he is taking not giving. I feel sorry for the poor guy on the end getting a linching. The NOSES are so inspired. I have a big nose too can I stand in that line to get a coin? I can count to 16 but I never took my shirt off at the dinner did.

bug girl said...

Did not!