Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is what I did this morning. I was having a bit of trouble with Mary's face, as you can most likely tell, and I gave up in frustration leaving it a muddy mess. I'm pretending like I meant for it to look that way, so don't make fun of her.

On another note, I have realized that Kim is out of the country and won't be posting any blogs for a while. Thus, she has diverted all her traffic to me. I hope, that by the time she returns, I will have brainwashed you all into believing that Kim never even existed. You will be all mine, mine, mine!

...o.k., o.k., we all know this isn't going to happen, we all love Kim and I am just no substitute ...sigh... (this pity thing is one of my brainwashing techniques) Poor me...


Maryanne said...

That's gorgeous! Even if Mary has no face.
Somehow I didn't have you in my list of blogs to check every day, so now that I do I'll, um, check it every day. And since Kim isn't posting then pretty soon I'll forget to check hers every day and I'll only check yours. Then we'll find out that you actually financed her trip out of the country so that you could dominate the cousin blogiverse.
Anyway, you get way more projects done than I do. And that costume is adorable.

The Bec-ster said...

That is awesome. I like the sandels on the shepard or dan or whoever that is...Love the whole background and colors! Poor Mary, I hope her face works out soon. We were looking at a Mary and joseph and Jesus picture today in Sunbeams. It is in the GAK folder, and is black and white, maybe if you peeked at that it would inspire you. I love that picture.