Thursday, October 01, 2009

First of all... This baby of mine is the cutest thing since sliced bread. She is mean, but cute. By the looks of her you would have no idea how many times she pulls her sisters hair a day, or how many times she hits me on the head with a block, or how razor sharp her teeth and talons are.

Second of all, thanks for voting for me on Spoonflower unfortunately you forgot to tell your Uncle to vote for me too, and I didn't get into the final round, therefore, I for sure won't be winning 5 yards of custom fabric...sigh... If you are interested in seeing the final round contestants and voting for one of them go right ahead... See if I care...sigh

Third, I just got a new nephew and I made him this blanket. Highly functional and blue, just a good old blanket, nothing fancy.

And lastly, but not leastly, I present to you my sisters Birthday present. This is exactly what she needs-mold and mildew for her hair (they are barrettes.) Happy Birthday! (Yes, I know, it's just what you were hoping for.)


le said...

A few things:
1. The contest was unfair, some pages had no pretty material at all, then your material got put with some other really cute ones.
2. Your baby sounds like my baby, except she has no sister to pull hair, so instead she finds the closet cousin, or neighbor. Plus she slimes her brother daily with her slobbery hand.
3. That blanket looks really fancy, way better than the ones I give or that my children have to use. I would say I want one when I give you a new nephew, but then I remember the REALLY REALLY fancy blanket you gave us the last time I produced one of your nephews.

The Bec-ster said...

I love the hair thingies!