Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mostly I hide at home all day, but when I feel like I need a little attention I get all dressed up and hit the town. Okay, so hitting the town means going to the grocery store, getting dressed up means wearing my baby, and the attention I get is from little old ladies. It seems that the combination of the baby, snuggled ball-like, in the sling with the goofy hat makes for some great entertainment for all the other people who don't get out much.

The sling. Yup, I made that. It's just one piece of fabric sewn into a loop (with what I think is called a french seam) and both sides hemmed. The only tricks to it are curving the seamed end convexly, and getting it the right length. Fortunately, for me, my right length is just shy of the width of a 60" piece of fabric so it takes less than a yard. At $2 a yard, this is the cheapest most usefulest baby item ever.


The Bec-ster said...

I love you sling! And the hat does encourage interaction and always get all the attention!

Alma said...

Pam! Greetings old friend! I found your blog through a link on one of Alice's pages and I have had such a wonderful time reading through it. I'm so pleased that you are still as creative and funny as ever. This photo is adorable and, yeah, I think I would definitely come up to chat if I saw you walking around town with your cool sling and cute fuzzy-hat baby!

I just started a blog at

bug girl said...

HA! Perfect picture.

le said...

That is extremely cute!
How wide do you make yours?
I feel like my sling that fit an 18 month perfectly is nearly drowning my infant in width.
Although we are starting to get the hang of it, still it seems like a lot.