Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture for the reunion auction... (5"x 7")

This is the picture I drew for the auction, and of course it was in a dragon snot frame. I can't remember how much it eventually went for. I think my Magic Uncle Ralph won the bidding via someone bidding as R. Huntzinger (which could have been half the males there.)

I had been working on a different painting and thought I might take it to the auction, but it was big and gaudy and just not becoming what I wanted, so I decided to do something more simple, and when Maryanne said she was going to have her dad bid on it I came up with this dragon reading to the girl. I almost wrote her name on it to insure that no one else would bid on it, but that would have been cheating, not that cheating is bad or anything, it would have just been too blatant.

Through the magic of my ill behaved scanner and printer Maryanne will still be able to have a copy of her very own, if and only if, she will e-mail me her address, and let me know if she wants it to come with a snot frame or not. Also she has to promise that she will come to the next reunion in person.


Maryanne said...

Oooooh! Hooray!!!

Maryanne said...

I realize I don't have your e-mail address, can someone who has it and has mine e-mail me with it? (Kim? Becky?)

Le Bolide said...

Excellent shading and textures.