Monday, November 12, 2007

This was my Sunday activity...very uplifting, wouldn't you say? He's made out of felt and is a puppet. I tried a needle felting method, but I think if I'm going to do it this way again, I need to use unspun wool instead of felt sheets because of the hard edge that the felt sheets have, or maybe I just need to embellish more with unspun wool. I also need to improve on the mechanics, he's not too easy to make talk.

Would you want to discuss politics with this guy? What about if you were also an ugly puppet, then would you? Just wondering.


le said...

speaking of needle felting what happened to my purse?

Aluwicious said...

Talk about ugly. A bit scary. What's up with you a creating old men. You used to always paint and draw old men. I think I have a pot from you with an old man painted on it. hmmm....i wonder where that is. I hope it wasn't stolen. I think it was stolen. ARGH!!!!! All of my HS memories were stolen.

Pam said...

le: Your purse is here, I'm going to wrap it up for Christmas and surprise you with it!

Aluwicious: That is so sad that it was stolen. I remember, it was a copy of an illustration by Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone from a jack and the bean stalk story.
I was just looking at the book (Dean's A Book Of Fairy Tales) the other day, it is one of my favorites.