Friday, July 20, 2007

Whew...back in my own house again. Dan just got a new job up here, with benefits! I'm going to miss seeing my mom and dad everyday. And my dad is going to have to eat everything from his garden all himself. I haven't gotten much of anything done in the last many weeks, or at least not any of my own projects. I have kept the kids fed and alive and we have been having some fun. Most of my brothers and sisters have been around for the past few weeks for a reunion with my moms side of the family in Roosevelt. We also have done trips to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, This is The Place, and Mt Timpanogas cave (in 100 degree weather). We have also canoed, went skeet shooting, target shooting, there is a swimming trip planned for this afternoon and right now all the nieces and nephews are in the backyard shooting bows and arrows at straw bales. Good times.

One thing I have done is finished appliqueing the dragon and the strawberry for Danna's baby, now I just have to put the quilt together and quilt it that should take a few months, I'll keep you posted.


le said...

Whew, its a relief to know that your life is back to as normal as it could ever be. Although I'm sure its not the same without your favorite little brother and his family living below you.

bug girl said...

This is going to take some adjustment. We have gotten used to you being gone.

The Bec-ster said...

I wish I could live in your basement. That was sure a fun vacation, action packed and I don't think we could have added one more fun thing...I can't believe we didn't have any emergency room visits this summer...that would have topped it off.