Thursday, September 14, 2006

If you are here, you probably know that the name of my blog is different than it used to be. Of course you may not have ever known that the old name ever existed, and that is okay, you'll live. Or maybe you won't, but don't blame me.

One night I lay in bed trying to come up with a name and I thought up "Project-aisle" or "Project-isle" I later found that these names, or words together, have already been used by someone on the internet, so I didn't want to claim them for my own. I mentioned the name to Kim and she thought I said Project-idle, which is a much more fitting name than the other spellings. That's what this blog is all about...projects that I'm not acctually doing. So now all I have to do is find a way to incorporate projectiles into my post so that the name can truly fit, maybe it's time that I started shooting the bow my husband got me for my birthday a long long time ago. In order to do this I'll have to start working out because the reason I haven't used my bow previously is because I'm not even strong enough to pull it back...I'm a wimp. My baby isn't helping either, she's way to scrawny, I think I'm getting weaker everytime I pick her up. If I start working out then I won't have time to blog, which was the whole reason to start shooting the bow in the first place. Man it's amazing how complicated life is.

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The Bec-ster said...

oh yeah, life is complicated! Maybe you should start packing your son around more...don't you love him anymore? That would put the muscles on in no time! Or you could get little ankle and wrist weights for your daughter! She would be a lot heavier and she wouldn't be able to get into as much because she would be too heavy to move on her own!
We got the pellet gun out the other day for FHE. That thing is hard to load and re load....I had to use my muscles too!~ And it was so heavy to hold up...wimpy!